Million Mile Accident-Free All Stars

These outstanding YRC Freight drivers have earned a place among our YRC Freight Million Milers by driving 5-, 4- and 3-million accident-free miles. It's an honor that puts these professionals at the top of our industry.

These drivers help YRC Freight to remain one of the safest transportation providers in the industry. Listed below are active drivers throughout our extensive North American network who have attained 3-, 4- and 5-Million Miler status.

5-Million Miler
Driver Name Terminal City, State
Cage, Arthur Memphis, Tenn.

4-Million Milers
Driver Name Terminal City, State   Driver Name Terminal City, State
Armstrong, Louis Memphis Herber, Robert Jackson, Miss.
Banner, James Chicago Lincoln, Royal West Chicago, Ill.
Brown, George Memphis Montoya, Candido Albuquerque, N.M.
Brown, Joe Memphis Pfluge, George Nashville, Tenn.
Caldwell, Dennis Des Moines, Iowa Reed, Charles Jackson
Collins, Stanley Chicago Russell, Paul Memphis
Crouch, Horace Dallas Taylor, Danny Memphis
Elrod, Bobby D. Chattanooga, Tenn. Wilkinson, Murray Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gowdy, Jerry Dallas  

3-Million Milers
Adaway Sr., Oscar Memphis   Kaiser, Terry Denver
Allee, Richard Chicago Kenemuth, Steven Akron
Appelman, Rick Atlanta Kline Stephen Bristol
Bates, Carrol St. Louis Kovalick Jr., Michael Buffalo, N.Y.
Beal, Vernon Kansas City, Mo. Lewis, Willie Jackson
Bennett, Verlin Nashville, Tenn. Lohr, Edward Denver
Billingsley, John Nashville Lowe, Wilfred Charlotte, N.C.
Blanks, Albert Atlanta Luttrell, Joe Memphis
Booker, William Memphis McKee, Cecil Winnipeg
Brown Jr., James Cleveland, Ohio McQuillin, Rex Jackson
Bugg, Jimmy Atlanta Mills, Ronald Charlotte
Burton, Willie Jackson, Miss. Pepe, Albert Carlisle, Pa.
Callender, Robert Dallas Pinkham, Billy Jackson
Carmack Sr, Billy Bristol, Tenn. Pryor, Jay St. Louis
Cook, Donald Allentown, Pa. Queen, Ronnie Atlanta
Dallas, Teddy Memphis Razzano Jr., Thomas Akron
Dotson, Marty Dallas Robinson, Donald Akron
Dyck, Barry Winnipeg Russell, Tyrone Nashville
Ellis, Dannie Akron, Ohio Sallgren, Jerry Iron Mountain, Mich.
Frey, Keith Harrisburg, Pa. Shields, Jeffrey Cincinnati
Glover, Donald Memphis Smith, Eric Atlanta
Goley, Darrel Chicago Smith, Harold Jackson
Grizzel, James Indianapolis Snyder, Bradley Harrisburg
Hager, Joseph Akron Steffel Jr., Lawrence Chicago
Hale, George Memphis Stoltzfus, Elmer Harrisburg
Hardesty, Jay Dallas Strickland, Charles Charlotte
Harleman, Thomas Harrisburg Summage, Charles Jackson
Hartley, Henry Columbia, S.C. Swackhammer, Ronald Indianapolis
Hartman, Eugene Harrisburg Swanson, George Nashville
Hatch, Ted Dallas Thacker, Grady Charlotte
Holland, Robert Memphis Tipping, James Dallas
Hollingsworth, Ronald Kansas City, Mo. Turner, Gary Harrisburg
Hopson, Willie Jackson Wahrer, Jon Kansas City, Mo.
Howell, James Memphis Walker, Andrew Atlanta
Huneycutt, James Atlanta Wilson, Robert Sherman, Texas
Jeffries Jr., Joe Memphis Winters, Larry Kansas City, Mo.
Johnson, Gary Dallas Wright, Joseph Albuquerque
Johnson, James Columbus, Ohio Zahm, Scott St. Louis
Johnson, Larry Indianapolis Zumwalt, Stephen Greenville, S.C.
Johnson, Wesley Albuquerque    

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