E-Commerce Shipping

Online solutions for your freight shipping needs

E-commerce shipping solutions from YRC Freight get you the information you want when and how you want it. Whether through the Web or EDI, our e-commerce shipping solutions help you drive costs out of your supply chain while providing superior LTL service to you and your customers.

Public and secure access

Track your shipments, obtain a proof of delivery, or check the status of a claim using our public-access tools.

Or register for access to your secure, detailed and personalized information and applications, such as LTL shipment tracking, reviewing invoices, calculating rate quotes and creating custom reports to monitor your freight. Sign in now.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI transaction sets for sending and receiving shipment invoices, bills of lading, shipment status reports and remittance information.

Alternate Data Communications

Transmit EDI transactions directly to YRC Freight, using our preferred method or by value-added network (VAN).


Conduct business with YRC Freight directly from your company's website through the use of our e-commerce shipping tools, including shipment tracking, rate quote, shipping documents, pickup request and terminal search hyperlinks.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Use APIs to integrate our tools into your company's Intranet and Internet sites.

GS1 US Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) Bill of Lading

Learn more about the VICS Bill of Lading (BOL), including when to use it and how to generate it electronically.

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