Hyperlinks provide you the opportunity to connect your website to our website. With a minimal amount of work from your IT group, customers or employees can track shipments, request pickups, obtain a rate quote, view shipping documents and find a terminal directly from your website or intranet.

Shipping documents (POD)


View bills of lading, weight and inspection certificates and delivery receipts directly with the above URL followed by the given parameters.

  • Pro = This is the actual PRO number of the shipment. It can be displayed with no punctuation (i.e., 1234567898) or with only the following punctuation (i.e., 123-456789-8).
  • Date = This is the estimated date of shipment. The date can be displayed as (mm-dd-yyyy) or (mm/dd/yyyy) and is available with a plus or minus 30-day window.

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Rate quote

&O_CITY= nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
&D_CITY= nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

REQUIRED parameters:

O_CITY = Origin City
O_STATE = Origin State
O_ZIP = Origin ZIP
O_CTRY = Origin Country
D_CITY = Destination City
D_STATE = Destination State
D_ZIP = Destination ZIP
D_CTRY = Destination Country
WGT1 = Weight of the Shipment -Note:Up to six weights/classes can be entered (e.g., use WGT2 CLASS2)
CLASS1 = Freight Class (e.g., 50, 77.5)
PU_DATE = Pickup Date
CURRENCY = Rated Currency display in U.S. or Canadian dollars(USD or CAD)

The following shipment characteristic parameters are optional, and you may use a maximum of two in your quote request. To activate these parameters, set their value to "on":

OPT_SS = Single Shipment
OPT_NTFY = Notify Before Delivery
OPT_HAZM = Hazardous Materials (see requirements below)
OPT_ID = Inside Delivery
OPT_IP = Inside Pickup
OPT_HOMD = Non-commercial Delivery
OPT_HOMP = Non-commercial Pickup
OPT_LFTO = Liftgate at Origin
OPT_LFTD = Liftgate at Destination
OPT_COD = COD Fee and COD amount must be used together

Hazardous Materials

If OPT_HAZM is "on", the following parameters are required:

UPDATED.HAZM must be set to "Y"
HAZ.CLASS.SEL1 = Hazardous Classification
Note: for each weight/class combination, the corresponding hazardous class must be set to one of the values below (e.g., use HAZ.CLASS.SEL2 for WGT2/CLASS2).

Value Hazardous Class Description
NULL Not Hazardous
UNKNOWN Unknown Class
1.4B 1.4B Explosive
1.4C 1.4C Explosive
1.4D 1.4D Explosive
1.4E 1.4E Explosive
1.4F 1.4F Explosive
1.4G 1.4G Explosive
1.4S 1.4S Explosive
1.5D 1.5D Blasting Agent
1.6N 1.6N Insensitive Detonating Subs
2 2 IMDG Aerosols LTD QTY ONLY
2.1 2.1 Flammable Gas
2.2 2.2 Non-Flammable Gas
2.3 2.3 Poisonous Gas
2.4 2.4 (I)Corrosive Gas
3 3 Flammable Liquid
3.1 3.1 (I)Flammable Liquid
3.2 3.2 (I)Flammable Liquid
3.3 3.3 (I)Flammable Liquid
4.1 4.1 Flammable Solid
4.2 4.2 Spontaneously Combustible
4.3 4.3 Dangerous When Wet
5.1 5.1 Oxidizer
5.2 5.2 Organic Peroxide
6.1 6.1 (I,II) Poisonous Material
6.1 6.1 (III) Stow Away from Foodstuff
6.2 6.2 Infectious Substance
7 7 Radioactive Material
8 8 Corrosive Material
9 9 (I) Misc. Hazardous Material
9.1 9.1 (I)Misc. Dangerous Goods
9.2 9.2 (I)Env. Haz. Substance

The following advanced parameters are optional:

DISCOUNT = Discount Percent. If used, insert &DISCOUNT=99.9 after the Pickup Date parameter (where 99.9 is your discount amount)
FACTOR = Percentage Value by which base rates are adjusted before they are used to return the rate quote. Values greater than 100 will increase base rates. Values less than 100 will decrease base. If used, insert &FACTOR=999.9 after the Pickup Date parameter (where 999.9 is your factor percentage).

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Shipment tracking

Shipment Tracking By Freight Bill Number

The PRONumber parameter can accept up to 200 pro numbers. Hyphens are optional. Please separate PRO numbers with commas.  

Shipment Tracking by Bill of Lading (BOL) number:
http://my.yrc.com/dynamic/national/servlet? CONTROLLER=com.rdwy.ec.rextracking.http.
controller.ProcessPublicTrackingController&type=1 &pro0=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip0=nnnnn&dzip0=nnnnnn &pro1=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip1=nnnnn&dzip1=nnnnnn &pro2=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip2=nnnnn&dzip2=nnnnnn &pro3=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip3=nnnnn&dzip3=nnnnnn &pro4=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip4=nnnnn&dzip4=nnnnnn &pro5=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip5=nnnnn&dzip5=nnnnnn &pro6=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip6=nnnnn&dzip6=nnnnnn &pro7=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip7=nnnnn&dzip7=nnnnnn &pro8=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip8=nnnnn&dzip8=nnnnnn &pro9=nnnnnnnnnn&ozip9=nnnnn&dzip9=nnnnnn

Where &pro is the BOL number, &ozip is the origin ZIP code, and &dzip is the destination ZIP code. You may track up to 10 shipments at a time.You must include a ZIP code for each BOL number.

Shipment Tracking by Purchase Order number:
http://my.yrc.com/dynamic/national/servlet? CONTROLLER=com.rdwy.ec.rextracking.http.
controller.ProcessPublicTrackingController&type=2 &pro0=nnnnnnnn&ozip0=nnnnnn&dzip0=nnnnnn &pro1=nnnnnnnn&ozip1=nnnnnn&dzip1=nnnnnn &pro2=nnnnnnnn&ozip2=nnnnnn&dzip2=nnnnnn &pro3=nnnnnnnn&ozip3=nnnnnn&dzip3=nnnnnn &pro4=nnnnnnnn&ozip4=nnnnnn&dzip4=nnnnnn &pro5=nnnnnnnn&ozip5=nnnnnn&dzip5=nnnnnn &pro6=nnnnnnnn&ozip6=nnnnnn&dzip6=nnnnnn &pro7=nnnnnnnn&ozip7=nnnnnn&dzip7=nnnnnn &pro8=nnnnnnnn&ozip8=nnnnnn&dzip8=nnnnnn &pro9=nnnnnnnn&ozip9=nnnnnn&dzip9=nnnnnn

Where &pro is the Purchase Order number, &ozip is the origin ZIP code, and &dzip is the destination ZIP code. You may track up to 10 shipments at a time.You must include a ZIP code for each Purchase Order number.

Shipment tracking by booking number:
http://my.yrc.com/dynamic/national/servlet? CONTROLLER=com.rdwy.ec.rextracking.http.
controller.ProcessPublicTrackingController&type=3 &pro0=nnnnnnnn&ozip0=nnnnnn&dzip0=nnnnnn &pro1=nnnnnnnn&ozip1=nnnnnn&dzip1=nnnnnn &pro2=nnnnnnnn&ozip2=nnnnnn&dzip2=nnnnnn &pro3=nnnnnnnn&ozip3=nnnnnn&dzip3=nnnnnn &pro4=nnnnnnnn&ozip4=nnnnnn&dzip4=nnnnnn &pro5=nnnnnnnn&ozip5=nnnnnn&dzip5=nnnnnn &pro6=nnnnnnnn&ozip6=nnnnnn&dzip6=nnnnnn &pro7=nnnnnnnn&ozip7=nnnnnn&dzip7=nnnnnn &pro8=nnnnnnnn&ozip8=nnnnnn&dzip8=nnnnnn &pro9=nnnnnnnn&ozip9=nnnnnn&dzip9=nnnnnn

Where &pro is the Booking number, &ozip is the origin ZIP code, and &dzip is the destination ZIP code. You may track up to 10 shipments at a time.You must include a ZIP code for each Booking number.

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Pickup Request

To receive the code for our Pickup Request application, please complete this form.

Find Terminal

Search by ZIP/postal code:

Use this to find the terminal closest to your specified ZIP/postal code.

Where searchzip is the U.S. ZIP or Canada postal code. It can display as a U.S. ZIP code (i.e., 12345) or as a Canada postal code (i.e., A1B2C3).

Search by city and state/province:

Where searchcity is the city and searchstate is the two-letter state or province postal abbreviation.

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