Intra-Canada Shipping

YRC Reimer pairs good, old-fashioned LTL and TL freight shipping service with modern information systems.

With YRC Reimer, you get the simplicity of a single supplier providing regular LTL, and expedited and guaranteed freight transportation services throughout Canada.

From Atlantic to Pacific, we cover all your intra-Canada trucking needs

  • Direct and interline service: We provide single-system services from the Atlantic to the Pacific and most points in every province. YRC Reimer offers LTL and TL service, door-to-door, between cities in eastern and western Canada, in the West and between Ontario, northwestern Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Our terminals across Canada also provide interline freight shipping service to and from other primary points in Canada.
  • Complete shipment protection: Available for intra-Canada shipments. Simply include the declared value on the bill of lading, and we will charge you for the cost of providing the necessary coverage. Note: When complete freight protection is not requested, limited liability applies.
  • One invoice: When you ship with YRC Reimer, you'll receive one, easy-to-read invoice that has shipments itemized and flexible billing options. Ship prepaid, collect or bill to a third party to simplify your accounting procedures.
  • Hazardous materials handling: We are dedicated to safe, high-quality handling of your hazardous materials, including chemical and allied products, and have had an exceptional record in moving hazardous goods for more than 40 years.
  • Protective Service: If your products require a heated environment, we operate a fleet of more than 300 climate-controlled trailers to move your LTL and TL shipments throughout Canada. For more than 30 years, YRC Reimer has recognized the unique qualities of the Canadian environment and the special-care requirements of our customers' goods.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • PC dial-in connections
  • Telephone Voice Response in three languages
  • Freight tracking and imaging capabilities
  • View freight delivery receipts

Delivering confidence and peace of mind for intra-Canada freight shipping

  • The convenience of a single system for less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) service throughout Canada
  • Powerful information systems for timely shipment status
  • Reliable solutions to meet your time-sensitive needs, including expedited and guaranteed services
  • One, easy-to-read invoice for entire move
  • Peace of mind when shipping hazardous materials
  • Expertise in shipping temperature-sensitive products
  • Faster transit times for intra-Canada freight shipping
  • Complete North American coverage and services provided for one-stop shopping
  • Company-owned service-center network with experienced, uniformed drivers
  • Expanded domestic coverage
  • Comprehensive border crossings
  • Bilingual customer service representatives in Quebec

Important Information

  • YRC Freight SVI: e52f4f35-a48e-49d8-a54a-c546c0475dc8
  • YRC Reimer SVI: 25403710-20b0-41cc-bc52-398ccba9bb2c
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