Shipping to and From Canada

YRC Freight is the expert at shipping to Canada, shipping from Canada and shipping intra-Canada.

So forget the hassles of selecting multiple carriers, non-affiliated brokers and not clearing customs. YRC Freight gives your cross-border and intra-Canada shipments the highest priority from the moment of pickup through the entire delivery process.

Cross-border service that gives you peace of mind, confidence and results

  • YRC Freight Border AmbassadorsTM ensure your freight has a seamless border crossing without delays, helping you keep commitments to your customers when shipping to and from Canada.
  • Our Brokerage Service provides customs clearance and advancing of funds for import duties and taxes. Choose our broker-inclusive service to receive a single invoice with itemized charges for transportation, brokerage services, duties and taxes.
  • YRC Freight also provides a full range of services across the border, including Time-CriticalTM and Guaranteed Standard services, shipment protection and exhibit service.
  • YRC Freight is border-security compliant with ACI and ACE and certified in the C-TPAT, FAST, CSA and PIP programs, ensuring that your shipment will move any time, even during heightened national security.

YRC Reimer delivers exceptional value with every intra-Canada shipment


Important Information for Canada shipping

  • YRC Freight SVI: e52f4f35-a48e-49d8-a54a-c546c0475dc8
  • YRC Reimer SVI: 25403710-20b0-41cc-bc52-398ccba9bb2c
  • Required cross-border shipping documents
  • Border security acronyms
    • FAST: U.S. and Canadian Free and Secure Trade
    • C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
    • CSA: Customs Self Assessment
    • PIP: Partners in Protection
    • ACE: Automated Commercial Environment
    • ACI: Advanced Commercial Information

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