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Custom projects: your partner in managing specialized deliveries

Whether your LTL shipping challenge is to deliver 2,000 book orders throughout North America in one day, provide multiple deliveries to support new store openings or distribute thousands of seasonal products in a two-week period, YRC Freight can create the custom shipping plan you need.

Your custom project is ours

  • Direct and continuous contact with your YRC Freight project coordinators—the industry's most-experienced custom-shipping professionals, dedicated to understanding your freight shipment needs and ensuring your satisfaction
  • Close and constant project management, ensuring that your LTL shipment moves smoothly and arrives at its destination safe, secure and on time
  • YRC Freight's Custom Project coordinators develop competitive rates, assessed to your specifications. You'll receive pricing within 24 hours for quick, easy analysis with custom pricing also available
  • Project coordinators prepare your bills of lading, saving you time and resources
  • Detailed reports provide the data you need to analyze your transportation project
  • Precision deliveries keep distributions on track and on time
  • Specialized freight pickup and delivery
  • Return goods management
  • Custom distributions
  • Personalized service

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YRC Freight Custom Projects is your reliable, single-source provider for custom-freight shipping solutions

  • Personal attention
  • Complete project management, including custom logistics
  • Fast, customized pricing
  • Bill of lading preparation
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Expert assistance
  • Specialized pickup and delivery
  • On-site coordination for large-scale projects
  • Start-to-finish freight monitoring
  • Regular project updates with advance notification of potential problems
  • Around-the-clock troubleshooting to ensure successful freight delivery

Innovative solutions to meet your unique needs

  • Reporting:
    • Real-time project visibility through my.yrcfreight.com
    • Customized reports
    • Post-project analysis and performance measures
  • Precision deliveries keep distributions on track and on time.
    • New product releases, seasonal rollouts and promotions
    • Product lay-downs
    • Point-of-sale displays and end-cap distribution
    • Port deconsolidation and distribution center bypass
  • Store openings are grand when you work with YRC Freight.
    • Single-source delivery simplifies construction material, furnishings and display systems shipments
    • Flexible delivery options help coordinate schedules with contractors, installers and store personnel
    • Project management ensures coordinated execution
  • Specialized Pickup and Delivery: YRC Freight handles the details, so you'll have more time for customers.
    • Limited access and direct-to-showroom delivery
    • Installation, assembly and debris removal
    • Packaging, crating and palletizing
    • Specialized handling and equipment
  • Return Goods Management: Move your business forward with innovative reverse logistics.
    • Product recalls
    • Shelf space clearing and product pullbacks
    • Redistribution services
    • Customized return processing
  • Custom Distributions: When the success of your distribution requires delivery on a precise time schedule, our transportation and logistics engineers can develop a solution to ensure delivery of your critical shipment—however large or complex—down to the specific hour it's needed.
    • New product releases and lay downs
    • Pool distribution
    • Point-of-sale product ads
    • Special promotions
    • Seasonal rollouts
    • Merchandising material distribution
  • Personalized Service: Whatever your distribution requirements, YRC Freight Custom Projects offers flexible schedules—nights, weekends and holidays—for deliveries ranging from 100 to 2,000 shipments.
    • Multiple-day to one-hour delivery windows
    • Next-day and beyond transit times
    • Any equipment requirement

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