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YRC Freight offers flexible, reliable LTL freight shipping service throughout North America. You can count on the original LTL experts for your shipping needs in the United States, Canada, Mexico and to offshore destinations. Expedited and guaranteed options are also available.

Innovation that delivers confidence in LTL freight shipping

  • YRC Freight offers a comprehensive North American network, which reaches nearly all your important markets with a broad portfolio of LTL services
  • Direct LTL service to almost every point in the United States
  • Direct LTL service to almost all the Canadian population
  • Direct LTL service to all primary metropolitan areas in Mexico
  • Offshore shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Seamless, cross-border LTL operations and services
  • Specially trained personnel—our border ambassadors—at the border:
    • Monitor and expedite your freight across the border
    • Advise you if there's a delay
    • Tell you what they are doing to resolve issues
  • Toll-free link to Customer Service Center dedicated exclusively to Canada/Mexico freight shipments (1-800-468-5739 and 1-800-610-6500)
  • 24-hour shipment information, including current customs status
  • Documentation available online in the Forms Library

YRC Freight connects you to your key markets and information

  • One-stop shopping for all big-shipment national LTL freight needs
  • Flexibility, convenience and reliability that comes with one national freight shipping provider whose LTL network offers comprehensive North American coverage
    • Single-carrier responsibility from pickup to delivery
    • Single-company contact for all LTL freight shipping arrangements
    • Less hassle than using multiple national LTL trucking companies
  • Knowledgeable customer service professionals
    • Border ambassadors on site at border crossings
    • Centralized customer service for LTL shipping among the countries of North America
    • Customer service specialists from YRC Freight
  • Real-time shipment tracking for your LTL shipments
Download Driver Fleet Safety BrochureDownload our Driver and fleet safety brochure (503 KB PDF).

Download Freight Forwarder BrochureDownload our Freight Forwarder Pricing brochure (361 KB PDF).

National LTL freight shipping that gives you an edge

  • Competitive advantage through flexible, reliable freight shipping solutions from the original LTL experts
  • Predictability in the supply chain reduces wasted time and resources
  • Single-carrier pickup reduces dock congestion and order errors
  • Assurance that product launches are reliably delivered to all markets
  • Greater customer satisfaction


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