Reverse Logistics

Enhancing our customers' success

YRC Freight's reverse logistics engineers customize solutions to meet your individual needs and give your company a competitive edge. Our proven reverse logistics management professionals deliver customer satisfaction, cost control and environmental sensitivity. Plus, our extensive expertise in return shipping gives you even more options to enhance your success.

Full range of logistics products and services

  • Business unit dedicated solely to serving reverse logistics needs
  • Client Services call center
  • Asset-based regional processing centers
  • Multi-modal transportation solutions management
  • Invoice audit and payment
  • Flexible pricing
  • Liquidation assistance
  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art, patent-pending and fully integrated systems

Download Hour Window Brochure Download YRC Freight's reverse logistics brochure (631 kb PDF).

Experts in freight return management and asset recovery

  • Cost reduction across all areas reverse logistics touches your company—not just the transportation department
  • Coverage throughout the United States and Canada
  • Single source for reverse logistics needs through YRC Freight
  • Accurate and reliable reporting that provides visibility to everything
  • Simple, hands-on freight shipping process for your customers—complete with shipping documents, labels and carrier pickup requests
  • Fast credit cycles
  • Impartial reconciliation of products actually received versus claimed on the return authorization
  • Accountability and tracking for missing reusable assets
  • Reduced or eliminated returns footprint in your distribution operations
  • Accommodate seasonal spikes with ease
  • End unauthorized product returns
  • Fast reaction to recall/campaign events

Customized solutions provide cost reduction and customer satisfaction

  • YRC Freight custom designs solutions built around your needs
  • Dedicated teams assigned solely to serving all your reverse logistics needs
  • Multi-modal transportation solutions management from YRC Freight
  • Toll-free numbers in place and ready to go same day
  • Dedicated processing centers with shared overheads
  • YRC Freight maintains established relationships with main retailers
  • Automotive core, warranty and anniversary parts industry experts
  • Web-based systems providing real-time data access
  • Multiple liquidation and charitable-donation options
  • Flexible-pricing options designed to isolate reverse logistics costs


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