Electronic Data Interchange: Alternate Data Communications

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a standardized electronic format for data placement that is exchanged between YRC Freight and your software applications.

Flat file: Kleinschmidt/Sterling Commerce/Transettlement—Direct Communications via AS1, AS2 or FTP

YRC Freight has developed a system that gives our trading partners the flexibility to transmit electronic data interchange transactions directly to us, using our preferred method or using a VAN (value-added network). If you use a VAN, we prefer Sterling Information Broker, Kleinschmidt or Transettlements. If you choose to use another VAN, please have the data interconnected to one of the VANs mentioned above.

YRC Freight provides for direct connections via AS1 (SMTP), AS2 (HTTP) or FTP, which eliminates the use of a VAN. Please indicate your choice when you fill out your Trading Partner Profile. For more specific information, see our technical tips.

Trading Partner Profile (TPP)

To begin the integration process, regardless of the solution you choose, we need you to complete a Trading Partner Profile (TPP) online. The TPP provides our analyst information vital to the project and contact information from your company's project partner. After you've completed and submitted your TPP, we will assign an analyst to work with you as part of our electronic data interchange program.

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