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YRC Freight: New name reflects proud heritage
YRC Freight: New name
reflects proud heritage

What's in a name? A heckuva lot. And that's why we've put "freight" back in our company name.

Jeff Rogers, president - YRC Freight and
James Welch, CEO - YRC Worldwide unveil the
new YRC Freight logo.

"For more than 85 years, we've been leaders in the freight industry, pioneering services and solutions that deliver confidence
to customers," says Jeff Rogers, president of YRC Freight. "Now, we're making sure our name delivers the right message. YRC Freight is in the freight business and we're here to stay.

"Moving freight is our longtime heritage and also the key to our future," says Rogers. "We're the freight professionals. The YRC Freight team is totally focused on exceeding the expectations of all our customers every day, with every shipment."

Rogers says YRC Freight professionals understand that customers expect their shipments to be picked up and delivered on time, safely, every time. And, he says, customers want to work with carriers that help make their companies more efficient.

"That's where YRC Freight excels," says Rogers. "When it comes to North American LTL, YRC Freight has a comprehensive portfolio of services. Because of that, we can consistently help shippers increase the flexibility and reliability of their supply chains."

Rogers says YRC Freight will change signage on vehicles and buildings in stages. During the transition period, many items with the new name and logo are available now at our online company store.

U.S.Department of State
applauds YRC Freight

When the U.S. Department of State (DOS) talks about "diplomacy in action," part of that action is transportation. When it's LTL transportation, YRC Freight is there.

YRC Freight, a long-time transportation partner for the DOS, was honored to be one of 10 companies to receive a 2011 Team Work of the Year Award at the State Department's annual banquet, held Dec. 13, 2011.

"This award means YRC Freight is more than a vendor for the State Department," says Marcus Holley, YRC Freight account executive. "We're a trusted partner. As such, we continually look for new and better ways to serve the agency's transportation and logistics division and its expanding needs."

Holley and Brian Carter, YRC Freight corporate account executive, accepted the award from Bertha Turner, the chief of logistics, travel and transportation for the DOS.

(Brian Carter (l), and Marcus Holley (r)
accept the award from Bertha Turner)

Best at the border
If you ship cross-border or intra-Canada, ship with the original LTL experts. YRC Freight provides unsurpassed, proven service. As part of our broad portfolio of North American LTL services, YRC Freight is proud to be the only carrier with professionals housed on site at the border crossings.

"Our Border Ambassadors clear the path through customs before shipments even arrive," says Kurt Brandes, vice president of sales and marketing for YRC Freight in Canada (known north of the border as YRC Reimer). "By ensuring that paperwork is in place, everything is ready for customs to clear the shipment without delay."

The advance work makes a difference:
  • 98 percent of northbound shipments – from the U.S. into Canada – are cleared before the shipment arrives at the border
  • 100 percent of southbound shipments – from Canada into the U.S. – are cleared before the shipment arrives at the border

"With our border-security compliance, shipments in our network keep moving even when security is heightened," says Brandes. "We're the only carrier offering truly seamless cross-border and intra-Canada service. Our Canadian terminals provide not only cross-border coverage but service throughout Canada."

In addition, Brandes says YRC Freight simplifies cross-border success with our Broker-Inclusive service, complete with accelerated customs clearance, one itemized invoice for cross-border shipments, and advanced funds for import duties and taxes.

Freeze protection reminder

It can be a cold, cold, cold, cold world. Keep your freezable shipments safe with YRC Freight Freeze Protection.

In addition to weather monitoring and network tracking indicators, YRC Freight offers special handling procedures for freezables. Drum, pallet and tote covers provide an extra level of protection and sheltered areas protect shipments during severe weather.

Don't leave your shipments out in the cold. Try YRC Freight Freeze Protection.

Customer kudos:
The Pinnacle of service

When YRC Freight driver Don Schuster pulls into Pinnacle Plastic Products, the folks there are always happy to see him. Why? Nick Magrum, who coordinates shipping for this manufacturer of custom blow-molded products, says Schuster makes life easier:

Don Schuster of the Toledo, Ohio, terminal is by far the most friendly, customer oriented, and all around excellent driver we have service our facility. We use broad forms of shipping from truckload to LTL to UPS. Don's commitment to customer support and service is unparalleled by any other company or driver I have seen to date. He always has a smile on and is ready to help in any way possible. Thank you, Don and the YRC team, for making our lives easier and keeping our freight moving!

Nick Magrum
Shipping Coordinator
Pinnacle Plastic Products
Easy access to
customized information

Registered users on my.yrcfreight.com know the many benefits gained by tapping into the tools on this secure site. One of the most useful online features is the easily customized Transit Analysis report found under Your Tools > Reports.

The Transit Analysis report on my.yrcfreight.com is a time-saving, easy way to manage transportation data. It's the place to go to quickly retrieve 18 months of shipment information.

What can you do with all that info? The question is: What do you want to do? We've developed the tool so you can match the results to meet your needs.

Using the Transit Analysis tool, it's simple to create a customized report that meets your needs. This report works for your company, giving you the ability to:
  • Choose the report format (HTML, Excel, CSV, ASCI)
  • Select data fields and arrange field order
  • Create a report based on your specific location(s) or vendor, customer or supplier
  • Email the report to two recipients
  • Choose your delivery method – email or view from browser
  • Create a scheduled report – daily, weekly or monthly.
Welcome to my.yrcfreight.com
If you're a registered user on my.yrc.com, we've made the transition to my.yrcfreight.com completely seamless. Simply sign in with the same username and password. Once signed in, you'll find the same tools and navigation you've come to rely on for secure transportation management online.

Confidence Delivered®:
Greg Schlicht

On-time deliveries are always the goal at YRC Freight. But if something goes awry, the goal then becomes … recover quickly. The holidays brought us a classic example of how that works.

Late in the afternoon on Dec. 20, 2011, Glenda Cox, office coordinator at Terminal 326 in Kansas City, Mo., took a call from an irate customer. The customer was on vacation and had been waiting all day for delivery of a bicycle that didn't arrive as promised.

The bicycle was quickly found on the dock. Because it had arrived late, it had not been loaded onto a trailer. Cox explained the situation to Ryan Miller, city operations manager. Unfortunately, Miller didn't have a driver available to make the delivery that night.

Greg Schlicht
Driver, YRC Freight
Professional driver Greg Schlicht overheard the discussion and immediately stepped up to the plate, volunteering to make the delivery on his way home.

A little more than an hour after the customer's call to YRC Freight, Schlicht was at the man's home, delivering the bike safely and in time for Christmas. The customer's delighted response? He said he doubted another company would have come through like that.

"Anything above and beyond that we can do, we're going to do," Cox says. "Thanks to Greg, we made the guy's night."

Name your February favorite

February brings a celebration of our new name and a host of holidays with connections to great names. Which February holiday/name combo is your favorite?

Take our quick poll. You'll see other reader responses immediately after submitting your reply.

Industry news

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Durable goods orders up
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